Bhangra Classes Calgary - NPBA


NPBA teaches Bhangra Classes for Adults and Bhangra Classes for Children / Kids in Calgary, AB. The Bhangra Classes are taught by instructors who have years of experience doing Bhangra and competing at international Bhangra competitions. Their love for Bhangra is what drives their passion to teach Bhangra Classes to the new generation of students which includes not only the folk dance of Bhangra, but also enlightening the students of the cultural relevance, heritage, and history associated with Bhangra since its beginning.  

NPBA's instructors are dedicated to teach Bhangra Classes to all individuals of all age groups, any background, no matter the skill level.

Passion of Bhangra

Passion, grace,and creativity are the forefront of bhangra. These values are central at Nachda Punjab Bhangra Academy (NPBA) 

Our Mission

Bhangra Classes at NPBA promote an environment of equality, respect, which in turn helps the students learn leadership skills, teamwork, discipline, and communication skills.

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